•  Standard 13 oz. vinyl

Great for both indoor and outdoor use but may not withstand extreme weather conditions.

•  Heavy Duty 18 oz. vinyl

More durable, making it ideal for outdoor use.

•  9 oz. mesh vinyl

allows air flow while maintaining high-quality prints


Vinyl banners: Attract large crowds. Gain more customers.

Grab customers’ attention quickly before they move on to the next shiny big thing with a large, clear, and easy-to-read vinyl banner.

Placing vinyl banners near your store allows you to catch and sustain people’s interest—quickly and effectively. Advertise your latest promotion or extended store hours. You can also display these at high-traffic events like trade shows to draw attention to your booth.

Often large and conspicuous, banners point customers to your business without the usual high advertising costs. Vinyl banner printing is a one-off job that you can use over and over again.

The Specs You Need to Make an Impact

It comes with different sizes to help you get more eyeballs on your business. Whether it’s the standard 3’ x 2’ banner or the enormous 20’ x 8’ one, you can find the size that’s a perfect fit for your brand.  CALL for oversize banners 5′ wide and larger!

Yes! Size Really Does Matter

We offer vinyl banner printing in a wide array of sizes. The bigger the banner, the bigger the message and the farther away people can see it. Here are the popular vinyl banner sizes:

  • 2’ x 6’ is small and portable. Ideally placed near new products inside a store or the edge of a table when used indoors.
  • 3’ x 6’ is the most common banner size. Whether used horizontally or vertically, this size combines visibility and portability.
  • 4’ x 6’ is a good size to use for visibility in fairs, tradeshows, and conventions.
  • 4’ x 8’ banners are perfect for places where there are no restrictions so you can display your banner loud and proud.
  • 3' x 5 or 6' retractable banners are perfect for all types of events and easy to move and store!